An old time string band with over three decades of playing mountain music.

About Us

In the late 1970’s, some neighbors and friends started gathering to play ole-time music which had been passed down from generations before. Most of these gatherings were in the Dryhill and Ferrum areas of Franklin County, VA. One day while playing music and having some fun, some of the musicians were falling behind and Edgar Crowe said since they were dragging behind on their timing, he was going to call the group the “Dryhill Draggers”.

So in 1981, the band “Dryhill Draggers” established by Jimmy Boyd and brother, Billy Boyd, along with other band members, Carl Scott, Murphy Shively and Bob Trammel, began playing together professionally at festivals and events. The name “Dryhill Draggers” has stuck now for the past thirty years.

The Draggers cut their first album in 1982. It was called “Knocking Around With the Ole-Time Sound”. In 1983 the album “There Will Come a Time” came out followed up with “Budded Roses” a couple of years later. The next album, “Pallet on Your Floor” was recorded followed by “Don’t Get Trouble in Your Mind”. Several years passed without any studio work, but in 2009, a CD was released called “Take a Drink on Me”. In 2011, which marked the 30th year anniversary for the band, a CD was recorded and released with some favorite songs from all past 8 recordings. The titled was “30th Year Anniversary”. The band is also in the works on recording their 10th project.

Throughout the years, band members have come and gone and some have passed away, but the tradition and heritage is still going strong today to keep the ole-time sound of our area alive. Also, throughout the years, the band has traveled around the east coast from New York to Alabama playing, and in 1982 had the privilege to play at the World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Draggers have played at several fiddlers’ conventions over the years capturing numerous awards and first place finishes including a second place finish in the Ole-time band category at the 2011 Galax Fiddler’s Convention.

The band members today are still carrying on the ole-time sound of this region with three second generation members: Stacy Boyd on doghouse bass, Jamie Boyd on claw-hammer banjo, and Jason Hambrick on guitar. The band is also very fortunate to have two outstanding ole-time fiddle players—Billy Woods and Chris Prillaman—who are both also play guitar. Founder Jimmy Boyd still comes out every once in a while and knocks a tune with the band just as he has for the past three decades. So if flatfooting and two-stepping is something you enjoy, come out and shake a leg with the Draggers as they deliver the knock-down, hard-driving beat that the Draggers are famous for. Hope to see you soon.